Our professional foresters are here to help you make the most of your land. Let us help you navigate forestland ownership.

Forest Management Plans 
One of the most important documents a forestland owner can ever obtain is a forest management plan. This written record of your decisions is guided and crafted by our foresters with your goals at the forefront. Take advantage of our expertise to get you the best tax benefits for your land. Meet all major Michigan forestland programs under one plan.

  • Michigan Qualified Forest Program
  • Michigan Commercial Forest Program
  • American Tree Farm System
  • Michigan Forest Stewardship Program
  • Conservation easements


Forest Stand Improvement, Timber Production and Sales
Navigating the legalities of timber sales can be daunting. As consulting foresters, we act as your agent to ensure you the best prices and workmanship. We work with a variety of mills and qualified logging professionals to get your forest growing in the right direction while saving you the time and effort of project oversight. Did you know that timber revenue is not treated as regular income for tax purposes? We work with highly skilled timber tax specialists to keep more of your sale revenue in your pocket.

  • complete harvest administration, start-to-finish
  • tree marking services


Wildlife Habitat Improvement 
There’s no better sport on forestland than game hunting and trapping. Did you know we are also certified wildlife management plan writers? With more than 100 years of combined hunting experience, we have helped hunt clubs and families grow the healthy, big bucks our region is known for. As members of the Ruffed Grouse Society, we have promoted the growth of thousands of acres of early successional wildlife habitat.

  • food-plots
  • game trails and travel corridors
  • winter wildlife attraction (thermal cover and browse)
  • recommend fruit producing trees (apple, crab apple, pear)
  • recommend hard-mast trees (white oak, swamp white oak, chestnut)


Forest Health Improvement
New invasive pests and diseases are a common concern for forestland owners. There’s hope around the corner by promoting strong forest health.

  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Oak Wilt Disease
  • Beech Bark Disease
  • Pine Bark Beetle (Ips.)
  • Heterobasidian Root Disease


Recreation Area Improvement 
Private forestland offers a variety of recreational opportunities waiting for your family and friends to enjoy. Being able to protect and utilize a precious resource ensures generations will return to your legacy for years to come.

  • sustainable trail design recommendations
  • shrub and tree planting
  • scenery improvement




Other Services:

  • Timber inventory and appraisal
    • Timber appraisal for real estate transactions
    • professional estimate (volume and value)
  • Expert witness testimony
    • Timber theft
    • Fire damage
  • Mapping services
    • custom display-quality maps of your property